Ten good reasons why you should choose Omnis Studio...

1. Speed of development

Omnis Studio lets you build applications in less time and with fewer resources than with many other tools. Within 20 minutes you can access a database, create forms, and even view your data in a web browser. If you don’t believe us, download Omnis, work through the tutorial and see how quick and easy it really is. Applications can be ready for deployment within weeks, not months.

2. Multi-platform

Create your application on one platform and deploy it to any other platform, including the web or any mobile device, without modification. For example, you could develop your application under Windows and deploy it on macOS desktops, or Android, iOS, and Windows tablets and phones, all from the same code base. That means you are not tied to any platform and can adapt to changes in the IT market place, now and in the future.

3. Multi-database

Omnis Studio allows native connections to all leading databases, including Oracle, Sybase, DB2, MySQL, and PostgreSQL, as well as many JDBC and ODBC compliant databases, so you can connect to virtually any data source and transfer data from one to another. Omnis also supports SQLite which you can use for smaller projects.

4. Web and Mobile Development

Omnis Studio contains over 30 ready-made JavaScript components to quickly build web and mobile forms using drag and drop; and you can create your own JS controls using JSON. When a form is complete, you can test it in a web or mobile browser from within the development environment itself using a single keypress. You can deploy your application to the web or mobile devices using the JavaScript Client, which works in all popular web and mobile browsers, or you can deploy native or ‘serverless’ apps to mobile devices using the JavaScript application wrappers.

5. Proven track record, thousands of solutions

Omnis has been used by thousands of programmers, developers, and VARs to create off-the-shelf software products, and in-house applications for companies of all sizes. See the Success Stories section for great examples of Omnis-based solutions.

6. Outstanding technical support

Our dedicated and knowledgeable Support team can provide all the help you need to build and maintain your application. We can even help you during your evaluation period as well. The Support team works closely with the core development team, so you know you will always get the best possible technical help.

7. Comprehensive developer program

Developers can take advantage of the DLA OMNIS Software Maintenance & Technical Support Programme to stay up-to-date with the latest Omnis technologies and enjoy many benefits including discounts on deployment licenses, software updates, technical support, and training,

8. Strong developer community

When you become an Omnis developer you join a worldwide community of programmers and developers, many of whom are fanatical about Omnis Studio. Omnis hosts a portal for developers to post questions and exchange ideas: https://developer.omnis.net. There is also an annual developer conference in Europe: www.euromnis.com.

9. Expert training

Omnis Software’s highly experienced trainers, in conjunction with DLA, can help you get up-to-speed quickly so you can deliver your Omnis-based solutions even faster. Standard or customized training is available at various locations in Europe, North America and Australia. Please contact us for further details.

10. Solid company background

Omnis is created by Omnis Software Limited, a UK corporation owned by a consortium of long-time Omnis developers and distributors, including the CEO of DLA, and has been providing reliable, powerful and flexible RAD tools for over three decades. For more information about Omnis Software, visit their website: www.omnis.net