What's new in Omnis Studio v 8.1

Apps-Pdf-icon The Omnis Studio 8.1 release provides GIT support, JSON controls, a new Welcome intro, Push notifications for mobile apps, responsive forms, a “headless” Linux server for deployment, and many other enhancements. Read the ‘What’s New in Omnis Studio 8.1.5’ manual (Whatsnew815.pdf) for full details (includes info about recent maintenance releases).
Omnis Studio 8.1 includes the following enhancements:
Exporting Libraries to JSON
  you can now export/import Omnis libraries in JSON format which means you can manage and share your Omnis libraries in a third-party VCS repository, such as GIT or SVN.
Responsive JavaScript Forms
JavaScript remote forms now allow you to set custom breakpoints for different screen widths (replacing the existing fixed screen sizes), which means the appropriate form layout and controls will be loaded for the current device; in addition, form controls can transition smoothly when changing the remote form size or orientation.
JSON Controls
you can now define your own remote form controls using JSON or wrap ready-made JavaScript components from a third-party; this provides a new, or alternative method to creating external JavaScript components using C++.
Headless Omnis Server
there is a new “headless” version of the Omnis App Server, available on Linux only, that allows you to deploy your JavaScript Client based web and mobile applications; there is a new Admin tool to help you configure the headless server.
Code Signed Omnis on macOS
  the Omnis Studio application package is now code signed on macOS, which provides increased security for you and your end users; consequently, files that may need modification (libraries) are copied to the Application Support folder when Omnis is first run.
Web and Email Communications
there is a new external package, called OW3, that provides a Worker Object containing various methods for performing “low-level” Web- and Email-based communications (HTTP, SMTP, and FTP); the new package uses CURL and replaces the previous external commands and web workers.
Push Notifications
Push Notifications are now supported in iOS, Android, and Windows 10 wrappers (version 2.0+) which means you can send messages to clients using your mobile apps; support for notifications is now built into the Wrapper SDKs, and there is a new admin tool under the Tools menu to allow you to set up notifications on clients and the Omnis Server.
Property Manager and Studio Browser
the Property Manager has some significant enhancements that will help new and existing users, including a filter for showing a subset or all properties and a Search box for locating specific properties: in addition, the Studio Browser has a Search box to filter the current view to help you locate classes and other items.
JavaScript Components
there are some new properties in JavaScript Edit fields to auto correct, capiltalize, and complete words as the end user types; the automatic correction feature is also available for the editable part of Combo boxes and in Data grids; the JS File control now allows a number of files to be downloaded specified in a list; there is a new property $showheaderlines for Headed Lists and Tree Lists; if true (the default), header separator lines are drawn in the header .
Web Services
  RESTful web services now support POSTs with the content type “application/x-www-form-urlencoded”, such as the content type that would be generated by an HTML form on a web page; plus RESTful requests are now queued by the Omnis Server until they succeed .
Method Editor
method lines longer than 255 characters now fully display in the method editor; control characters are now displayed in data or content when inspecting a variable in the Method Editor; inherited methods are no longer prefixed with comments from the inherited method; you can use the shortcut key Ctrl+Shift+I to inherit or override the current method; the Code Assistant now recognises custom properties.
SQL Workers
now support an interim $progress method which can be called whilst the worker is running to provide notifications.
Window Programming
window classes and the majority of window components now have the $alpha property; multi-line fields now have the property $linecount to limit the number of lines of text/data that can be entered into the field; $toplevelhwnd has a new property $screen, that allows you to track the location and dimensions of the screen, as the window changes position.
there is a new method $selectduplicates to select duplicate lines in the list; the $first() and $next() list methods now take an additional optional condition parameter which must be met in order to match the first or next line.
you can now have multiple custom themes, and you can export and import your themes.
the report class editor toolbar now has Zoom In and Zoom Out buttons which control the DPI value used for report coordinates and rendering fonts; and the A6 paper size has been added.
Web commands
there are two new commands for authentication and executing a HTTP method, and a new parameter UseProxy in HTTPOpen; FTPConnect has a new optional parameter to allow you to specify the Charset.
there are two new functions to generate 256-bit or 512-bit signatures; and the iso8601 functions provide better handling for hundredths of a second and milliseconds.