Omnis Studio 10.2

let’s you create beautiful apps in record time


The new release Omnis Studio 10.2 provides exciting new features to make your app development even faster and your apps even more appealing and user-friendly:


Innovations for building attractive apps with improved useability and a better user experience

The first impression is decisive for the success of an app.

  • A wealth of new and enhanced JavaScript controls incl. a JS Split Button Control and enhancements to Edit Controls and Data Grids
  • JavaScript Client Themes to manage colors in your app
  • Animations for a modern UX
  • SVG icons scaling to fit the icon area and (JS only) themed to match selected color scheme
  • Many new Window controls for desktop apps incl. a new Token Entry Field and the new Breadcrumb control and enhancements to the Check Box control
  • Side Panels for desktop apps (vertical panels containing clickable options or other content)
  • Toast Messages for desktop apps
  • Components can better cater to touch devices