Omnis Studio 10.2

Let’s you create beautiful apps in record time:

  • Cross platform development
  • Multi database support
  • Deploy to virtually any device

Omnis JavaScript Client

Extend your Omnis applications
to new platforms, new devices
and new markets…

Omnis Video-Intro:

Welcome to the DLA Group Website

THE DLA GROUP is a management consulting, software development and distribution company specialising in IT.

We are experts in Rapid Application Development (RAD) and deployment. This allows us to produce large scale, powerful, cross-platform applications which can be developed and deployed fast, saving time and money for the client. We are the South East Asian distributor for Omnis and proudly support the 1,000’s of Omnis users within our territory.

THE DLA GROUP, based in Sydney, Australia, is the exclusive distributor of Omnis products and services in Australia, New Zealand, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand & Vietnam.

The Education Hub

 The Education Hub will host all the information necessary for getting your skills polished.


Welcome to the DLA Omnis Software and Support Resources Page.


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