WebWin32 Component

WebWin32 provides a programmatic HTTP client interface, using the Win32 WinHttp API, available on Windows Server 2003, Windows XP SP1, and Windows 2000 SP3. It provides the following benefits:

  • Https support, in addition to the normal http support
  • Multi-threaded Omnis server performance – other Omnis code can execute in parallel, while an HTTP request is being sent to a server, and the response received
  • Better control over the execution of the request e.g. timeouts can be specified for the different phases of HTTP request execution, various other WinHttp options are exposed
  • Support for IPv6 (as WinHttp 5.1 supports this)

A working example and documentation are provided with the component. To enable the WebWin32 plug-in, you should purchase one development license per developer, whereas deployment is free of charge.

To purchase WebWin32, please contact our sales team.