Why Web Services?

The core concept of a Web Service is Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). It represents the latest step in Business IT to improve the integration of different applications and computing platforms that may exist in an organization or across distributed networks.

One of the most successful realizations of a SOA to date is the use of Web Services, and this technology looks set to influence the future direction of application development for medium size and larger companies.

The following was published by www.webservices.org in May 2005 and shows that Web Services are becoming increasingly important for medium size and larger companies.

Businesses across the globe are implementing web services to:

  • Integrate disparate systems
  • Expand/add functionality to online business channels
  • Facilitate customer demand for web services.

And those businesses that have implemented web services say that they get:

  • Better reuse of code or application services
  • Better integration between systems
  • Better developer productivity
  • More innovative solutions