What is a Web Service?

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The definition of a web service is: a standardized way of integrating Web-based applications using the XML, SOAP, WSDL and UDDI open standards over an Internet protocol backbone. SOAP is used to transfer the data (via HTTP/S), WSDL is used for describing the services available and UDDI is used for listing what services are available. Used primarily as a means for businesses to communicate with each other and with clients, Web services allow organizations to communicate data without intimate knowledge of each other’s IT systems behind the firewall. (Source: www.webopedia.com)

In the context of Omnis Studio, a web service can be implemented as one or more Omnis methods within a remote task. Such a web service can be accessed by any other application, including Omnis itself, via direct or remote HTTP access via the Omnis Server and a standard Web Server. In addition, the Omnis Web Services product allows Omnis applications to consume or subscribe to any existing Web Service.

The client and server implementation of the Web Services product uses the Omnis Java Objects interface and fully complies with the SOAP, WSDL and UDDI standards.

The following are useful sources of information about Web Services, as well as directories of Web Services: