Omnis Web Services

The Omnis Web Services (OWS) component lets you integrate Web Services into your Omnis applications, or create your own services from Omnis code. With the introduction of the Web Services plug-in, Omnis developers will be able to incorporate tried and tested business functionality, provided as Web Services, into their own Omnis applications. In addition, developers will be able to exploit their own Omnis applications by providing existing functionality to many new markets via Web Services.

The main benefits of using Omnis Web Services are:

Integration and data integrity

  • Better Integration and Reuse of your code
  • Access to business functionality regardless of platform or implementation
  • Exchange data across departments or businesses in different locations
  • Users can access up-to-date and more accurate data and information on demand via subscription or pay-as-you-go
Productivity and Innovation

  • Reduce complexity and development time
  • Quickly integrate functionality into your applications, opening up new and improved business solutions
  • Provide new business solutions quickly and easily by reusing functionality in existing applications
  • Modularise software to create new combinations for new customers and markets
Cost savings and efficiency

  • Quicker to create and easier to maintain applications
  • Save on development and maintenance costs
  • New revenues from new or streamlined applications, together with more efficient use of existing resources

A working example and documentation are provided with the component. To develop applications using the Omnis Web Services plug-in, you need the Web Edition SDK of Omnis Studio 4.2, or higher. To enable the OWS plug-in, you should purchase one development license per developer, whereas deployment is free of charge.

To purchase OWS. Please contact our sales team.

Omnis and SOA
The concept of a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) represents the latest step in Business IT to improve the integration of different applications and computing platforms that may exist in an organization or across distributed networks. One of the most successful realisations of a SOA to date is the use of Web Services, and this technology looks set to influence the future direction of application development for medium size and larger companies.

Omnis Studio fits very neatly into the SOA concept since it is very adept at integrating different technologies, and allowing developers to provide functionality on many different platforms and environments.