Windows OS Compatibility

Windows XP Support

Omnis 7³ version 8.1 is certified to run on Windows XP, but only with Windows 2000 look and feel. None of the previous versions of Omnis 7³ is certified with Windows XP.

Windows 2000 Support

Omnis 7³ version 8 is certified to run on Windows 2000, though not all Windows 2000 features are necessarily supported. DLA will evaluate problems encountered with the use of Omnis 7³ version 8 only. Any remedies provided would be limited to ensuring that existing Omnis 7³ applications will run and behave as they do on Windows NT4. Such remedies will only be provided to customers who maintain DLA support.

Omnis 7³ version 7.1 is certified to run on the original release of Windows 2000. Omnis 7³ version 7 is no longer supported by DLA or TigerLogic. Versions of Omnis 7 earlier than Omnis 7³v7.1 are not certified by Omnis to run on Windows 2000 and are no longer supported.

Versions of Omnis 7 earlier than Omnis 7³ version 6.4 will not run on Windows 2000. This applies to both development and runtime versions. Omnis 7³ version 6.4 requires the installation of the Windows NT4 SP4 patch from Microsoft. This applies to both the development and runtime versions.

Omnis 7³v6.4 with this patch was run under Windows 2000, and some intermittent problems were observed. Since this version is not the current supported release, DLA will not complete testing nor fix any problems encountered. This version and all of its predecessors are not certified for use with Windows 2000.

We strongly recommend that mission-critical applications that need to run under Windows 2000 use the current release of Omnis 7³ version 8.1, to avoid any potential incompatibility.