Omnis Studio v4.3 Product Release Announcements

Omnis Studio v4.3.1 contains improvements in the appearance and behavior of Omnis under Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, together with several other smaller enhancements for all platforms, including Vista, since the release of Studio 4.3.

  • Window toolbars on Mac OS X are now displayed as part of the window title bar, while Tab panes and Group boxes have the standard Mac OS X appearance.
  • The system focus for Radio buttons, Check boxes and standard Pushbuttons is improved on Mac OS X, as well as the appearance of the Transbutton control.
  • The appearance of several list types is improved under Mac OS X; alternating colors are displayed in the background of list boxes and headed lists, while icon arrays look better on Mac OS X.
  • All built-in and custom messages, including OK messages, Working messages, and Prompt for input messages, are displayed as sheet windows on Mac OS X; in addition, you can control the transparency of custom sheet windows.
  • Omnispic contains some new and improved icons, including new sizes (32×32) for some icons that were not previously supplied.
  • And in the IDE, the Component Store now opens in small icons with text mode under Mac OS X, while component groups can be selected from the toolbar, and method lists in the Method Editor are lengthened to accommodate more method names, making coding easier.
  • Plus there are several minor enhancements in the PostgreSQL DAM including support for PostgreSQL 8.3 data types, and there is a new Universal Binary edition of the Mac OS X Oracle DAM.
This release will convert a library created with any previous version of Omnis Studio, including Studio v4.1, v4.2, and all previous revisions of Studio v4.3.
Omnis Studio v4.3.1 is available to download from our FTP site now.