Which version should I download?

There are three types of Installations:

  • Development: The Omnis Studio Development version includes everything you need to start developing your application. It includes the Method Editor, SQL Browser, Property Inspector, Notation Inspector, Wizards plus many other development tools. If you are evaluating Omnis Studio, this is the version you should choose.
  • Runtime: The Omnis Studio Runtime version is used by end users for running completed fat client applications. It is a cut-down version of the development version without many development and debugging features.
  • Server: The Omnis Studio Server allows you to deploy your web-based Omnis applications that use the Web Client plug-in or an ultra-thin HTML interface. It is serialised to allow a specified number of concurrent users or client connections.

Unicode or Non-Unicode?

This choice depends on the requirements for your application and whether you will need to display information in multiple languages. If your application will mainly be displaying Western European characters, then the Non-Unicode version may be preferable. Libraries written in the Non-Unicode version of Omnis Studio may be converted to Unicode later if required.