Paladin Enhances COM Power for Omnis Studio 3.0

SOURCE: Omnis Software
The new Paladin Component From Computer Dynamics, Inc. Helps to Integrate Applications Into Omnis Studio Solutions Via COM/DCOM.
SAN CARLOS, Calif., Nov. 9 /PRNewswire/ — Omnis Software and Computer Dynamics, Inc. have reached an agreement to include the Paladin component with the latest release of Omnis Studio. The component, which enables developers to use COM components to access Omnis solutions from other applications, comes with a free single user license to enable development and testing.
Paladin is a technology that allows developers to create COM components implemented entirely in Omnis. This means that they can publish functionality of their new or existing Omnis code for use by other applications, whether written in Omnis or not. Because of the nature of COM, components can be grouped not only logically, but physically as well. For example, all of the business logic and actual data access can be located on one machine, or a series of load balanced servers, and the display and interface logic can be located on each client machine. This can be done because, not only does Paladin allow the developer to create COM objects in Omnis, but the Windows operating system allows those objects to be instantiated and used from whatever computer the objects are located on (Distributed Component Object Model – DCOM).
Gwyneth Gibbs, President of Omnis Software said, “It made perfect sense to include the Paladin component with the latest version of Omnis Studio. We are always emphasizing the agnostic nature of Omnis: cross platform, cross database and a wide range of client access options. The extension of COM connectivity means developers can integrate leading-edge Omnis functionality with their existing business solutions.”
Sebastian Ernest, President of Computer Dynamics, Inc., reinforced the view, “We originally created Paladin to allow us to extend the functionality of our customers’ legacy systems using Omnis, and without having to rewrite the entire application. We quickly realized that this was an opportunity that other developers would like to have as well. The result is a neat little tool that allows developers to quickly and simply integrate Omnis Studio solutions with any number of Windows based applications.”
A demonstration copy of Omnis Studio 3.0 can be downloaded from the web and more details of the new version are available at: . Details of Paladin and Computer Dynamics, Inc. can be found at:

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Computer Dynamics, Inc. is located in Denton, Texas, a growing college town 30 miles north of Dallas. Computer Dynamics, Inc. was founded on January 1, 1986, and has a major focus on commercial application development. For more than a decade they have been supporting and delivering quality solutions to Fortune companies as well as smaller organizations. They bring significant benefits to these organizations through the expert use of tools such as the Visual Developer Studio Environment from Microsoft and Omnis 7 and Omnis Studio from Omnis Software. Their goal is to provide completely integrated data environments to achieve enhancements to operations and productivity through better implementation of IT. Computer Dynamics, Inc. provides most of their tools with full system life cycle support across many hardware platforms. Clients are spread throughout the entire USA, Canada, Europe, and Asia.
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