8 June 1999
The DLA Group announced today that it has won a major new IT contract with Cable & Wireless Optus.
The DLA Group will supply database software and services for Cable & Wireless Optus in Australia and New Zealand.
The contract creates a site licence agreement which permits the company to implement and deploy a wide range of OMNIS-based database applications across both Macintosh and Windows operating environments.
This agreement extends The DLA Group’s links with Cable & Wireless Optus – already it is acting as IT consultant and software developer to the company, producing a series of OMNIS-based applications and Y2K certification on OMNIS-based applications.
“We are pleased to formalise our ongoing relationship with Cable & Wireless Optus,” said David Lewis, Managing Director of The DLA Group.
“We are thrilled to cement this continuing relationship with a progressive organisation like Optus which sees IT as a key to its business success.”
OMNIS is a client server software architecture which can be applied across any platform including both Mac OS and Windows. A Linux release is also imminent.
With a cross platform front end, OMNIS can draw on databases in its own native files or in compatible programs such as Sybase, DB2, Oracle, Informix OMNIS will provide a vital cross-platform link between departments and applications in all areas of Cable & Wireless Optus operations, covering a mix of Mac OS and Wintel-compatible computer systems.
“OMNIS will allow our staff to work more effectively,” said Mr Tom Quinn, Manager IT Operations, Cable & Wireless Optus.
Mr Lewis agreed, pointing out: “The real benefit is the speed at which applications can be developed in OMNIS. In a rapidly changing marketplace, short development time is as critical as our functional requirements. Put simply, OMNIS is a robust architecture which works.”
Mr Lewis says the flexibility of OMNIS-based software is one of the main reasons the product is used in areas as diverse as the legal profession, hospital emergency centres, Flight Centre, the Reserve Bank of Australia and in the United States, NASA, JP Morgan and many other Fortune 500 companies.
“The new range of OMNIS products establishes it as a market leader,” he says. “OMNIS Web Client is the ultimate ‘thin’ client solution marrying web based clients to a powerful development environment. As the package uses one development language from browser to database, OMNIS Web clients does away with the need to use Java, Javascript, complex HTML, Perl or CGI scripting.”
The DLA Group is the exclusive distributor of OMNIS in the Asia Pacific region. The company specialises in providing OMNIS applications to the telecommunications, legal, medical and finance industries.

Further information:

David Lewis. Managing Director, The DLA Group, Tel: (02) 9555 4777 Email:david@dlagroup.com.au
Allison Lee, Public Relations Consultant, Stratcom Communique Tel: (02) 9956 8000 Email: allison@stratcom.net.au
Melissa Favero, PR Manager, Cable & Wireless Optus Tel: (02) 9342 5030