At the COMDEX 99 SYDNEY, NETWORLD + INTEROP, (15-19 November 1999), OMNIS Studio was voted a finalist in the “Best Enterprise Software” category.
The DLA Group presented OMNIS Studio’s Linux / Macintosh / Windows release to an enthusiastic stream of IT professionals. Many of these people held positive opinions on the future of Linux in the commercial enterprise marketplace.
“DLA was the only exhibitor to display a ready-to-ship rapid application development product which could be deployed on Linux,” said Richard McTigue, DLA’s Business Development Manager.”Internetworking specialists were highly impressed with Studio’s ability to deploy on Linux, Macintosh and Windows across an enterprise network and many excellent business introductions were made.”
“The Web Client front end option also generated significant interest and Studio’s finalist award in the prestigious “Best Enterprise Software” category was warmly applauded by visitors to the stand,” said McTigue.
OMNIS Studio based applications can be written on the Linux, Win 95/98/NT and Mac platforms and transported between them without any rewriting of the code. This makes OMNIS Studio a highly flexible and powerful environment where you can, ‘develop anywhere, deploy anywhere and connect to data anywhere’ – ideal for everything from cross-platform shrink-wrapped products to enterprise level mission critical applications.
OMNIS Studio for Linux, first previewed at Linux World Expo in August, was fully released in October. Since its release the product has received an enthusiastic response from the Linux community, with thousands of people downloading the evaluation copy.
You may download an evaluation of Studio 2.2 from or contact Richard McTigue at DLA for a copy of the CD. Telephone 02 9555 4777 or