SAN CARLOS, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–March 28, 2000–
Bundled Software Expected to Spur New eBusiness Applications for Linux
Omnis Technology Corp. (OTC BB:OMNS), which develops software tools for the rapid development and deployment of sophisticated Web and client/server applications, announced today the inclusion of its flagship product, OMNIS Studio, in Caldera Systems’ eDesktop release of OpenLinux.
Caldera has agreed to include a full evaluation copy of both OMNIS Studio and Omnis WebClient products in the domestic and international Caldera eDesktop distribution. The objective is to bring a significant number of existing OMNIS Studio-developed business applications to Caldera’s Linux platform as well as to provide the Linux development community with additional business applications as these tools are adopted.
Caldera (NASDAQ:CALD) designs, develops and markets Linux-based business solutions including OpenLinux, NetWare for Linux, and Linux technical training, certification and support.
Omnis recently announced new developer programs that make it easier for Caldera Linux developers to review, purchase and learn how to use OMNIS Studio to quickly develop robust business applications. These programs include the Jump Start, Incubator and Preferred Partner Programs which offer a clear evaluation path for new software developers interested in these markets. Support and training information for OMNIS Studio is available on the Omnis website at
Jerry Lipscomb, chief evangelist of Omnis Technology, noted, “This agreement with Caldera combines the best technologies of both companies and is really the first product of its kind within the Linux community. The bundled software will provide superior value to the developer in the rapid development and deployment of e-business applications for Linux. Our collaboration is expected to quickly provide Caldera with more business applications than any competing Linux version.”
“I’ll give you three reasons why OMNIS Studio is included in OpenLinux eDesktop: ease-of-use, speed and choice,” said Benoy Tamang, vice president of marketing for Caldera Systems. “Developers create applications in OMNIS Studios component-based environment. They do so much faster than most developer tools. The resulting applications are cross-platform–running equally well in Linux, Windows and MAC OS environments. This is big for Linux users. Choice is a driving force for our industry.”
OMNIS Studio is a high-performance visual Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool for Linux. It provides a component-based environment for building GUI interfaces, e-commerce, database and server applications. Development and deployment of OMNIS Studio applications can occur simultaneously in Linux, Windows, and MacOS environments without changing the application. This portability is achieved because Omnis utilizes a highly optimized interpreter engine to execute the object-oriented application at runtime.
OMNIS Studio applications support native data access to Oracle, Sybase, DB2/UDB, Informix and ODBC-compliant data sources including MySQL. The Omnis Web Client allows the developer to create thin client interfaces that utilize forms or a highly secure plug-in. Using OMNIS Studio can cut application development time by as much as 75% compared to 3GL environments (C++, Java) while allowing the developer to use objects developed in 3GL environments as components in Omnis applications.
Omnis is a registered trademark of Omnis Software Limited, a subsidiary of Omnis Technology Corporation. OMNIS Studio and Omnis 7 are trademarks of Omnis Technology Corporation. All other products or service names mentioned herein are trademarks of their respective owners.