Price List

Channel Strategy

DLA operates a Channel Strategy for DLA Omnis Developers under a VAR Programme. All supported developers sign a VAR Agreement with DLA entitling them to DLA services and significant discounts on all Omnis products. This means that DLA Omnis VARs may purchase SDKs (Software Development Kits), sub-licence Omnis Runtimes, and other DLA Omnis software tools with your software to End Users.

Membership of the DLA VAR Programme is open to any Omnis developer who subscribes to either one of the two levels of DLA Omnis Software Maintenance and Technical Support.

The DLA Omnis VAR Price List below is confidential to DLA Omnis VARs and may only be accessed by VARs. If you wish to become a DLA Omnis VAR please contact us.

Please also carefully read the Omnis Software Deployment Rules to ensure that your deployments and use of Omnis is in accordance with these Rules. Questions on these terms may be directed to us via the contact us page.

Price Lists

DLA will post new price lists at the commencement of each quarter in the first week of January, April, July and October, unless currency movements dictate otherwise. All other ‘new’ price lists are likely to be cosmetic or include new product announcements.

Download Price List effective as of 1st March 2015

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