What's new in Omnis 7.3 version 8?

  • Windows Support Omnis 7.3 version 8.x is certified to run on Windows XP, but only with the Windows 2000 look and feel. Omnis 7.3 version 8 is certified to run on Windows 2000, though not all Windows 2000 features are necessarily supported: file dialogs have the Windows 2000 look and feel; support for Power management, Accessibility options, and Context menus.

  •  Support for classic mode on Mac OS X Under Omnis 7.3 version 8.x, your solutions operate under the classic mode of Mac OS X.

  •  Apple scripts For Mac The new method $runapplescript lets you run an Apple script.

  •  Oracle 8 support Omnis 7.3 version 8.x supports new Oracle 8 datatypes and works against Net Client v8.1.x clientware.

  •  ODBC New outer join syntax for the Omnis ODBC driver.

  •  New POP3 commands New Web Enabler commands provide complete control over the connection to your POP3 server.

  •  SQL scripts New Carriage Return and Linefeed separators for Begin SQL script command.

  •  Window 3.1x and 68k Mac Support Note that the Omnis 7.3 version 8.x CD no longer contains development or runtime installers for Windows 3.1x or 68k Macintosh.