Omnis v7³

First published in the early 1990s, Omnis 7³ has proved to be a popular integrated development environment for thousands of developers, creating business solutions for Windows and Macintosh end users.

Although Omnis 7³ has been superseded by Omnis Studio, a large base of customers are still actively using this product. Support & upgrades are offered to existing Omnis 7³ developers to maintain their old applications in a rapidly changing environment.

There are thousands of Omnis 7³ based solutions being used successfully in businesses throughout the world today. Omnis 7³ Version 8.x ensures that these solutions continue to work and indeed take advantage of new third-party products and operating systems.

To encourage Omnis 7³ developers to convert to Omnis Studio we provide tools, resources, Conversion and Consulting Services.

For more details on converting from Omnis 7 to Omnis Studio contact your local Sales representative.