What's New in Studio 5.1

Extending Omnis to New Platforms and New Markets

Omnis Studio 5.1 included some of the following features:

New Amazon™ SimpleDB DAM

The new Amazon DAM (DAMAZON), available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux allows connection to Amazon Simple DB; a highly available, scalable, and flexible non-relational data store that offloads the work of database administration.

For Amazon DAM documention, please refer to the WhatsNew PDF.

For Information about SimpleDB, please refer to the Amazon Simple DB website.

HTTP commands

The Map+ parameter has been added to the HTTPGet() and HTTPPost() commands to specify that plus (+) characters in CGI parameter names and values in the CGI List are URL encoded using hex.

Apple Menu Hide Key String

The AppleMenuHideKey command (Apple + H key combination) has been added to the built-in strings in Omnis, so you can edit this string to change the letter to activate the command.

Remote Menu Lines

You can now set the text for a remote menu line to $st.id. The string table lookup occurs when the menu is built on the client, before any event processing for the menu.

DAM SDK Released

To complement the existing External Component SDK, developers can now create their own Data Access Modules. The new SDK includes documentation, header files, libraries and a template DAM to get you started. Please refer to the Build Your Own section for more details.

Bug fixes and enhancements

For details on specific customer-reported issues resolved in this release, please refer to the Studio 5.1 Readme.

Further details on What’s New in Studio 5.1 can be found in the accompanying Whatsnew51 PDF