Omnis Studio Components

Omnis Studio Components are plug-ins that extend the power of Omnis Studio and provide extra functionality.

TigerLogic provides components for adding Web Services, XML, and WebWin32 just to name a few, while more are planned for the future.

ows_logo2 Omnis Web Service (OWS) This component lets you integrate Web Services into your Omnis applications, or create your own Web Services.

oxmlogo Omnis XML (oXML) A plug-in that lets you manipulate and create XML documents in Omnis Studio.

webwin32_logo  WebWin32 This component provides a programmatic HTTP client interface, using the Win32 WinHttp API

Omnis Studio has many built-in and commercially available components that extend its power and functionality.


There are several third-party developers who create their own Omnis components for sale or free download.

Please click here to browse some of the Third-Party Components that are available for Omnis Studio.