Omnis Studio v5.1

Omnis Studio is one of the most powerful and flexible Cross Platform, cost-effective Rapid Application Development (RAD) tools available today.

With Omnis Studio, independent or team-based developers can create enterprise or web applications for companies and organisations of any size.

Omnis Studio lets you develop and deploy applications under Windows, Linux and Mac OSX for diverse markets such as healthcare, human resources, publishing, customer relationship management, e-business, education, government, and more.

Omnis Studio v5 now has 2 Editions, the Standard, and the Professional Editions both of which are designed to meet your business needs.

Using Omnis Studio, you can create form based client applications that access all the leading server databases, including native support for Oracle, Sybase, DB2, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Frontbase*, Openbase* as well as JDBC- and ODBC-compliant databases such MS SQL Server.

OMNIS Studio v5. now includes MySQL and PostgreSQL connectivity as standard. Omnis Studio is optimised for multi-tier and web-based application development.

(* – Native access provided by 3rd party Data Access Managers.)