Omnis Studio Enterprise Edition

Value-for-money RAD tool for developers and teams…

The Omnis Studio Enterprise Edition provides a value-for-money RAD environment that lets you build literally any type of business solution for companies of all sizes. The Enterprise Edition provides the tools for developer teams and larger companies wishing to create desktop, enterprise-wide, and LAN-based solutions for all types of business.

The Enterprise Edition provides multi-threaded Data Access Modules (DAMs) for direct access to Oracle, Sybase, DB2, Informix, MySQL, and via JDBC and ODBC. It also includes the Omnis database and OmnisSQL, allowing SQL access to your Omnis datafiles, as well as the Version Control System and a single-user runtime license for Windows, Linux and Mac.

Note that the Web Edition is the only edition that allows you to test remote/web forms.

In addition, the Studio manuals are provided in Acrobat PDF format on the product DVD; printed manuals are available from a third-party publisher at extra cost.

If you would like more information or details on the Enterprise Edition of Studio, please contact our sales team.