Omnis Studio v 6.1

What’s New in Omnis Studio v 6.1

pdf_logo This release includes enhancements in the JavaScript Client, support for REST based Web Services, and Omnis for 64-bit. You should read the ‘What’s New in Omnis Studio v 6.1’ manual (Whatsnew61.pdf) for full details about the features in this release.

Omnis Studio v 6.1 includes the following enhancements:

  • JavaScript Components

There are a number of New JavaScript controls that have a “native” appearance on the platform on which they are running. Their style is defined in CSS and adapts for each client platform. These new JavaScript components are in a new group in the Component Store. In addition, the scripts used in the JavaScript Client have been optimized to improve overall performance

  • Web Services

Support for RESTful Web Services for client and server: you can create a user interface for REST ful web services, or expose your Omnis code on the Omnis App Server as a Web Service using the new component. In addition, there is a new JSON external component, called OJSON, that allows JSON based objects returned from RESTful resources to be manipulated

  • 64-bit Omnis

The Omnis executable has been re-engineered to run on 64-bit processors, while the 32-bit versions of Omnis Studio will continue to be provided. The 64-bit version of Omnis will only be available for selected product configurations and platforms. See the Whatsnew61.pdf for more details

  • Sync Screens Tool

There is a new tool that allows you to automatically configure the components on the different layouts stored in a single JavaScript remote form. This will save you a lot of time when designing forms and make your app more consistent for end users

  • Pie and Bar Charts

The JavaScript Pie and Bar Chart components have been enhanced and now include the ability to add axis titles and change the position of the legend

  • Transform Component

A new ‘non-visual’ external component that lets you animate or move objects on standard window classes (note this is not for JavaScript objects on a remote form)

  • Print Preview

There is a new Print Preview window that allows the end user to select text from the screen and review pages in a page list in the margin of the preview window

  • Synchronization Server

Enhancements in the Omnis Synchronization Server include support for automatic device recognition by hardware-id, up to 255 user groups can be specified with 65535 unique devices per group, server-side replication, and the ability to upload or download only during synchronization

  • Other Enhancements

The max number of lines in an Omnis method has been increased from 1024 lines to 256,000; you can now compare binary variables, object variables and object reference variables in your code; each thread on a multi-threaded Omnis App Server can have its own values for $separators; Object references are now deleted automatically when they are no longer required in order to free up memory