What's New in Omnis Studio 5.2

Extending Omnis to new platforms, new devices and new markets.

With the introduction of a JavaScript based client, Omnis Studio 5.2 allows you to create applications that will run on virtually any web-enabled or mobile device via the browser on the device. Add to this support for the SQLite database, Omnis Studio provides a powerful development environment for creating all types of desktop and mobile applications for many different markets.

Apps-Pdf-iconPlease refer to the latest What’s New in Omnis Studio manual for more details about all of the new features added to Studio 5.2.


 The following new features and enhancements have been added to Omnis Studio 5.2.

JavaScript Client

The new JavaScript Client will run your Omnis apps in a web browser on a desktop PC, tablet, or Smartphone, without the user having to install a plug-in. To enable this functionality there is a new JavaScript enabled Remote Form class type and a new set of JavaScript components available in the Omnis Component Store.


There is a new Omnis DAM to support connections to SQLite, a very popular database which is embedded into a whole range of applications on desktop and mobile devices; the new DAM supports SQLite3.

New Welcome Experience

We have updated the Welcome experience and the built-in Tutorial. The Omnis Welcome window opens when you first start Omnis Studio 5.2 and it contains a new set of sample apps that use the new JavaScript client. Try out the new JavaScript forms inside the sample apps and examine the code. You can try the apps in your desktop browser or in the web browser on your mobile device.

New Server Deployment licenses

There are new Omnis Server deployment licenses for running Web and/or Mobile apps in the JavaScript Client. Please refer to the Omnis Licensing page, or contact your local sales office for details about these new Server deployment licenses.