OMNIS Mobile Client

Extending your applications to new mobile platforms, and new markets

Omnis Studio 5 includes a new version of the Omnis Web Client plug-in that supports applications running on Windows Mobile ® based devices.

The new mobile enabled client is called the Omnis Mobile Client and works in a very similar way as previous versions of Omnis in that it displays a remote form on the device.

Omnis Mobile Client Overview

The major difference with the new mobile-enabled client is that it does not run inside a web browser, such as the mobile version of Internet Explorer. Rather it runs inside a small, stand-alone program, which is downloaded to the mobile device along with the client.

The remote forms that you can run in the new Omnis Mobile Client have a specific size and format and therefore need to be designed especially for mobile phones, but this is all taken care of in Omnis in design mode when you create the form. Beyond the size, designing a remote form for the mobile client is virtually the same as designing a remote form in the current version of Omnis, and you can use most of the components available in remote forms today.

Your computer and mobile device are connected using Windows Mobile Device Center (previously called ActiveSync), and once set up, testing your forms on the device itself is as easy as pressing Ctrl-T!

The Omnis Mobile Client runs on version 5.0, 6.0 and 6.1 of Windows Mobile from Microsoft ® . Specifically, the new client has been tested on the new breed of smartphones which run Windows Mobile Professional. These phones have all the usual phone capabilities, touch sensitive screens, and PDA functions including the mobile version of Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

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