Extend your Omnis applications to new mobile platforms and markets.

Omnis Studio 5.1 with iOS support lets Omnis developers extend their applications to new platforms and markets. Developers can now leverage Omnis Studio’s proven rapid application development technology to create mobile applications for Apple’s popular iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices.

Omnis Studio lets you create visual, easy-to-use applications for deployment anywhere across your enterprise and the internet. With this latest release, we’ve extended the opportunities for Omnis developers in the smartphone and tablet computer market, enabling quick and easy access to the growing market for mobile apps. In addition to the new iOS support for Apple mobile devices, Omnis Studio supports development of applications for Windows Mobile based devices.

Build Mobile Apps for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch – Quickly and Easily

Omnis Studio 5.1 lets you create applications for all iOS based devices from Apple, including the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. Leverage Omnis Studio’s powerful and flexible development environment to create all types of iOS apps for all types of business markets.

With over 20 native iOS components and an easy-to-use form builder, you can create Omnis applications with an entirely native look-and-feel familiar to Apple users. Omnis developers will find it quick and easy to extend their existing applications to support iOS, taking advantage of the increasing demand for mobile apps within businesses and the enterprise.

Omnis Studio 5.1 lets you create remote forms for iOS under Mac OS X (on the left) or Windows XP/Vista/7 (right) and Linux and deploy the apps to iOS devices via the iOS Developer Program. All the code required to build your apps under Mac OS X for testing and distribution is supplied with Studio 5.1 including the Xcode project files.

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