The DLA Group and the South Western Sydney Institute of
TAFE in Padstow, Sydney have established a joint Omnis
Software teaching programme.


TAFE have included Omnis Studio within its Diploma in Software Development Course (Code 19018). Students will use and be trained as Omnis Studio developers within the course as part of their RAD (final) module.

The DLA Group, with Omnis Software’s help, is leading the world and setting Omnis education standards in providing quality material and priority technical assistance to TAFE to ensure the success of this programme.

Graduates from past courses have already gained employment with Australian Omnis Development companies.

To ensure the future of this programme and to curb any future skills shortage, The DLA Group is working with other TAFE institutes across Sydney and other cities to introduce Omnis to their curriculum.

After TAFE Support Programme

One of the key criterions to ensure that a person retains skills after they have completed their education, is to become part of an active developer community.

The DLA Group has addressed the skills retention issue by offering TAFE staff and graduates the opportunity to become a DLA VAR Partner. DLA offers all graduates (and TAFE staff) Omnis tools at a special discount price.

Under the TAFE Support Programme DLA offers:

To qualify for this offer, TAFE graduates and staff must provide details of their qualifications and sign a simple DLA VAR Agreement.

For those TAFE graduates who do not wish to enter the TAFE Support Programme, DLA invites graduates to simply register their details with us by clicking here, so that we can contact you should any opportunities arise.